David Moore Photo
President and Chief Executive Officer
18 years
David became President and Chief Executive Officer of Paul Mueller Company in August of 2011. Prior to that David served as the Manager ... see more
Ken Jeffries Photo
Chief Financial Officer
5 years
Ken became Chief Financial Officer of Paul Mueller Company in August of 2014. Prior to that Ken served as CFO for.... see more
Denise Silvey Photo
Human Resources Manager
9 years
Denise joined Paul Mueller Company in 2011 as the executive assistant to the CEO and CFO. With a degree in economics and an MBA... see more
Michael Payne Photo
Financial and Operations Manager
21 years
Michael Payne has been with Paul Mueller Company for 19 years. His tenure began in 1999, before he graduated college. Michael has held many roles at PMC ... see more
Menko van Gorkum's photo
Managing Director - Paul Mueller Company, The Netherlands
9 years
Menko van Gorkum arrived at Paul Mueller Company in The Netherlands in 2011 as Sales Director. In 2016, he assumed the role of Managing Director and ... see more
Joe Meissert
General Manager
2 years
Joe Meissert arrived at Paul Mueller Company in January of 2018 and serves as our General Manager of Heat Transfer. Joe spent many years in various sales and operations roles ... see more
Jay Holden's Photo
Marketing Manager
5 years
Jay Holden joined Paul Mueller Company in 2015 as Marketing Manager. Prior to joining Mueller, Jay was the Director of Marketing for ... see more 
Russ Copeland's Photo
GM of Beer, Beverage, Chemical, Food & Dairy, and Components
33 years
Russ Copeland began his career with Paul Mueller Company in the summer of 1987, two weeks out of high school. His first job was ... see more
Mike Mills' photo
General Manager of Dairy Farm Equipment
30 years
Mike Mills came to Paul Mueller Company in 1990 as a manufacturing engineer and designer. During his tenure he has worked on almost every product ... see more 
Cary Kapper's Photo
General Manager of Biopharm, Chemical, and PyroPure
28 years
Cary Kapper joined Paul Mueller Company in August of 1992 and has served the company for more than 25 years. As a self-proclaimed ... see more 
Jeremy Rogles' Photo
President & GM, Field Operations and Transportation Inc.
20 years
Jeremy Rogles came to Paul Mueller company in 2000 as a field engineer. Since that time, he has held various roles in the company, including construction manager ... see more