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XL Traditional Cooling Solutions > 500 Cows

Instant Cooling 

The XL Milk Cooling Solution is made for the 24 hour dairy. Your dairy demands instant milk cooling, and milk storage on a scale unfathomable to most consumers. At an XL Dairy there is no down-time which means reliable equipment is top priority. Each XL Dairy is unique and requires precise engineering.  

Cooling Efficiency

Cooling is the first priority when your business is larger than the average dairy, you need speed of cooling to preserve profits. Our equipment is built for fast, cooling efficiency and energy savings through capturing lost heat. We can design a system that will grow with you and serve your production goals well into the future.

Delivery, Installation, Maintenance

Our job doesn't stop with the sale. Qualified Mueller technicians are with you for the long haul. Delivering your milk cooling equipment without a scratch and ensuring hookups are correct and startup is smooth. And with a direct line to technical support, you're always a call away from a quick solution. 

  • 500+ Cow Dairies
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Variety of Models and Sizes
  • Service and Repair

Our Dairy Farm Partners

We are proud to partner with these leaders in the dairy farming industry. From legacy farms that have thrived through multiple generations to solar cooling in Africa that is providing young children their first taste of cold milk, our equipment is impacting lives around the world.