Sustainability and Savings

Energy Recovery

Recover and Reuse

When the products you make, generate energy - it's nice for the planet and your business to recover that energy and reuse it. At the same time you need equipment that allows your process to run at full capacity. 

Various Industries

Whether you work in pulp and paper, specialty chemicals, oil and gas or industrial processing, we can design and build the right configuration of our Temp-Plate® inflated heat transfer panels to fit perfectly into your operation and recover the heat from an exhaust stream or other processes.  

Start Saving

We have built and installed energy bank configurations at refineries and chemical plants around the world. Beef up your bottom line, by letting Paul Mueller Company design and engineer the best energy-savings heat transfer solution for your facility.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Low Fouling Potential
  • High Heat Transfer Rates
  • Heat Capture and Reuse
  • Narrow Profile for Space Efficiency
  • Any Configuration
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Engineering Consultation
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts