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Your Wine Barrel Costs: Oak vs Stainless Steel [Infographic]

The true cost of a wine barrel goes far beyond its price tag.  Other factors that go into the total cost of ownership are lifespan of the barrel, loss of wine due to evaporation, and labor needs.  Our infographic will help you understand the impact wine barrels have on your bottom line long term.


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A Cost Saving Alternative to Oak Barrel Aging Wines

In the world of wine aging and storing, French Oak barrels have long been considered the gold standard. But if you don’t want to pay a truckload of gold to buy and maintain these barrels over the years, you might be considering alternatives for your winery.

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Count on Stainless Steel Wine Barrels for Capacity


Now that you are ready to increase stock at your vineyard, here is why stainless steel is the way to go. 

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