Condensing Units

Condensing Units

There are strict quality demands for dairy farming and milk processing and that is why condensing units are such an important part of Mueller's milk cooling solutions.

The Refrigeration Process

The units contain refrigerants that can evaporate or condense. In order to extract the heat from the milk, there is an evaporator at the bottom of the milk cooling tank. When the heat is removed from the milk, the refrigerant evaporates. A compressor compresses the vapor and pumps it to the condenser. Gas is then heated and then cooled down again in the condenser. The cooling ensures that the gas condenses into liquid. Heat is released during this continuous process. This heat is released into the air or can be captured by our Fre-Heaters and used to heat water for usage on the farm. 

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Our Dairy Farm Partners

We are proud to partner with these leaders in the dairy farming industry. From legacy farms that have thrived through multiple generations to solar cooling in Africa that is providing young children their first taste of cold milk, our equipment is impacting lives around the world.