The Start of Sustainable Growth

Milk Supply Chain Management

Improving Coldstore Chain

The livelihood and prosperity of local farmers lays a foundation for strong communities around the world. Mueller is known for being a reliable, global partner for both milk producers and the dairy processing industry. Especially in emerging dairy markets. We are actively supporting and collaborating with local milk processors, farmer groups, governmental and non-governmental organizations to optimize the "raw milk" cold chain and strengthen the raw milk quality supply. 

Better Milk Quality, Better Life Quality

Mueller is participating in several dairy development programs in Africa, Asia and Europe and we are committed to the overall raw milk quality improvements. Strengthening the milk quality awareness and related practical handling skills of farmers, collectors, milk collection center operators and processors is vital in countries where consumer demand is increasing for high quality dairy products. These products help families move toward a healthier lifestyle and require the farmer to produce value-added dairy products from high quality raw milk. The processors then have an opportunity to pay a higher price to the farmers. Plus, focusing on quality improvements at the farm level, including cooling, will help reduce the raw milk waste and bring the country to a new level of resiliency in its food chain development..

Sustainable Raw Milk Sourcing Initiatives

If you have plans to introduce a new Dairy Farmers Development plan, or upgrade your existing raw milk sourcing cold chain structure, we can come alongside and support you in this effort. Mueller is skilled at setting up systems for raw milk quantity and quality improvements and helping you identify additional funding to build those systems. With our global experience in raw milk cold chain improvements, we can also connect you with a wide range of contacts within government and funding organizations interested in supporting the dairy industry in emerging markets.

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  • Baseline study of raw milk supply
  • Identify Farmer Supply Levels
  • Digital Mapping of Raw Milk Supply
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Milk Collection Points Support
  • Establishment of Cold Chain
  • Subsidy Application Assistance
  • Project Implementation
  • Documents and Agreements Prep
  • Field Visits
  • International Trade Fair Attendance
  • Sustainable Equipment
  • Affordable New and Used Systems
  • Milk Quality Technology
  • Dealer and Parts Support

Our Dairy Partners

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