Vapor Compression Still

Paul Mueller Company's water distiller, known as the VaPure vapor compression still (VCS), boils softened feedwater and condenses the steam to produce pure distilled water.

The VaPure vapor compression still uses an exclusive plate-type evaporator/condenser to harness cooling energy from incoming feedwater to cool pure vapor. Heat is also recovered from the distillate and wastewaster streams to preheat feedwater, resulting in unmatched energy efficiency.

Defining Features

  • 6-10 times more energy efficient than conventional thermal stills
  • Twice as efficient as other water distiller manufacturers' vapor compression stills
  • Available in 25 gph, 500 gph, and 1000 gph models
  • No filters, membranes, or resins required


  • Exclusive patented plate-type evaporator/condenser
  • Simple, automatic control system
  • Rejects all types of impurities
  • Removes organic and inorganic matter
  • Reduces pathogenic bacteria and pyrogens
  • Economizes electrical energy and eliminates the expenses of external steam and cooling water sources
  • Meets or exceeds FDA, EPA, WQA, and other industry standards
  • Reduces maintenance requirements and the expense associated with changing filters
  • Assures long-term compressor reliability

Specifications and Sizing

  VCS-25 VCS-500 VCS-1000
Flow Rates GPH (LPH)
Pure Distilled Water Output

25-30          (95-114)

500-700           (1,893-2,650)

1,000-1,200 (3,785-4,542)

Physical Dimensions
Height-in (cm) 33 (84) 101 (257) 101 (257)
Width-in (cm) 36 (92) 110 (280) 110 (280)
Depth-in (cm) 21 (54) 66 (168) 66 (168)
Weight-lb (kg) 500 (227) 5,900 (2,676) 6,900 (3,130)

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for your Pure Steam Generator are available by calling our PyroPure parts specialists at 1-800-MUELLER ext. 9758 or +1 (417) 575-9758 or using the form below.

Mueller PyroPure service technicians are available for routine maintenance activities, system troubleshooting, or full overhauls. Contact the PyroPure service department at 1-800-MUELLER or using the form below.

Our Pharmaceutical Partners

These companies play a big role in the production of life-saving treatments and medications.  We are proud to collaborate with them on new innovations and help keep their products and processes pure. 

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