Paul Mueller Company
Chemical Processing Facility

A Chemical Mixing Mystery

How a $50 Fix Saved Thousands
As one of North America's largest privately held manufacturers of polyurethane resin technologies, Chemline in St. Louis, Missouri, is growing at a record pace. 
India superabsorber chemical reactor for refinery

A Superabsorber Project

Specialized Condenser Technology for the Chemical Industry
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited invited DEG Engineering GmbH to participate in a project for manufacturing a propylene derivative petrochemical for a "superabsorber" end product. 
Complex Equipment Design for a Chemical Project

Complex Equipment Design for a Chemical Project

Providing Value through Tank Engineering Consultation
In the Nuclear Power industry there has been anecdotal evidence, suggesting that smaller reactors are more effective at containing hazards. This evidence kick-started a movement towards Small Modular Reactor (SMR) designs, which can be easier to build and transport. But research was needed to verify its safety.
Chemical industry upgrade case study

Chemical Company Upgrades on a Tight Schedule

Executing a Tight Deadline while Minimizing Production Downtime
A specialty chemical company needed to upgrade and replace an old acid converter but feared that resolution would require an extended outage.

Expanding Capacity in a Specialty Chemical Market

Hitting Timelines While Providing Exponential Growth Opportunity
In building a new facility, this specialty company recognized that they had to find a way to sustain their ability to produce the highest quality products while expanding production and increasing capacity within a tight timeframe and a tight facility layout.