Paul Mueller Company

Dairy Farm Services Netherlands

In the unfortunate case of a malfunction, you can call our Service Desk, 24/7. If it can't be solved by telephone, one of our service technicians will be send to you directly. In any case, you can count on assistance. As fast as possible and as effective as possible. We have a national network of more than fifty experienced, certified technicians. This means we are always nearby.

Installation & Maintenance
You can contact our Service Desk staff for questions about installation or maintenance subscriptions through email here or by phone number.

If your question is an immediate technical need, we advise you to call between 8 and 17 hours, when our experienced refrigeration technicians are available to offer their support.


SERVICE DESK: 088 - 683 0010



We Stand By Our Name...and Yours

When Paul Mueller said "The best compliment a customer can give us is another order" we took that to heart. If we don't do our job well, you can't do your job well. It is this pride of craftsmanship and customer service that has led us to be an industry leader in processing equipment manufacturing and services since 1940. We are honored to be trusted by these valued customers.