DeLaval HCA-C Milk Cooling Tank

Used DeLaval Milk Cooling Tanks

DeLaval is a Swedish company, which produces milk tanks. As part of our Mueller trade-in program, we have acquired various used DeLaval bulk milk tanks with capacities of 200 liters and larger.

The cleaning system of the closed models work according to the 'hollow agitator axle' principle: cleaning water is allowed to flow through the agitator axle to the rotating spray heads, which circulate the water in the inner tank.

Mueller often has HCA models (closed tanks), RO models (closed tanks) or the RFT tanks (open models) in stock: 

  • HCA-C
  • MG+
  • CH+
  • HCA-N

Our Dairy Farm Partners

We are proud to partner with these leaders in the dairy farming industry. From legacy farms that have thrived through multiple generations to solar cooling in Africa that is providing young children their first taste of cold milk, our equipment is impacting lives around the world.